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Custom Cabinetmaking DVD Series

We’re dedicated to serving your wide range of woodworking interests: whether you want to learn the art of cabinetmaking, discover helpful shop tips, or merely enjoy an afternoon scrollsawing Christmas decorations.
Browse through our website, and you’ll see a bunch of different ways to fuel your passion for woodworking:

  • Our videos are like having private lessons in cabinetmaking and woodworking. You’ll hear and see exactly how to achieve success: step by easy step.
  • The best way to learn how to use a plane is to build your own. This video shows you how to build and fine-tune a tool to give you great results.
  • Our woodworking plans are full-sized blueline drawings that banish uncertainty and the headaches you get from squinting at tiny drawings. Not many people still run plans through a traditional blueprint machine, but old school methods are a great way to learn a time-honored craft.
  • Nothing takes the fun out of working faster than the slow search for the hardware and other bits you need to complete the project. We solve that problem by giving you the option of buying a component pack along with your project plan. Easy and done.
  • Some people think that you should curl up on the sofa with a good book. But we offer two books that you’ll take into the shop and cover the pages with sawdust. Built-Ins gives you the knowledge that takes the hard work out of woodworking. Here’s the math: add built-ins to your home, and you’ll instantly subtract clutter.
  • 501 Best Shop Top For Woodworkers is our other must-have book. Every page delivers head-slapping solutions and plenty of “I didn’t know that” moments.

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When you register, you’ll also get access to free downloads, such our Drill Size Chart. You’ve seen puny charts from other places, but this 10-page monster leaves them in the dust. It starts with a No. 80 wire gauge bit, which is smaller than 1/64 inch. In fact, you won’t even get to a 1/16 inch bit until halfway down the second page. There are separate columns for fractional inch and decimal inch, plus millimeter, number and letter drill sizes. Sign up now for this free download.