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Build a Wood-Bodied Hand Plane

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Getting great results with a hand plane doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars for a manufactured tool. Instead, you can easily craft your own high-performance plane body in a weekend with offcuts from your scrap bin. And by borrowing the iron and chipbreaker from a plane you already own, you’ll have a new tool at virtually no cost.

The famed cabinetmaker James Krenov popularized the idea that craftsmen who make their own tools can take their skills to the next level. And for pure woodworking satisfaction, it’s tough to beat the sound of a truly sharp blade skimming over a board and then feeling fluffy shavings tumbling onto your workbench

The only thing better than this plane’s good looks is the surface it produces–so silky smooth that you won’t need sandpaper.

DP 306 Build a Wood-Bodied Hand Plane

Price: $27.00

This video unlocks all the secrets for making and fine-tuning a tool that will instantly become one of your favorites. You can easily customize it to perfectly fit your hands and working style.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Laminate the plane body and add a long-wearing sole.
  • Accurately lay out the components to perfectly fit your blade.
  • Achieve the highly desirable small throat opening that virtually banishes tear-out.
  • Sharpen your plane iron to a flawless razor edge.
  • Fine-tune your plane to produce whisper-thin shavings.

Video Overview

Here’s a sample from the chapter on sharpening:

This DVD is brand new, color, 60 minutes long, and is unrated. It also includes a wealth of bonus PDF files that you can view and print from your computer. These include a Wood Hardness Chart comparing 50 species, a chart of Standard Plane Sizes, a Plane Troubleshooting Guide, a full set of drawings (including full-size patterns of the wedge options and the plane’s profile), and a discussion of applying the Golden Ratio to give your planes classic good looks.