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The Hardware Handbook

Virtually every woodworking project involves hardware: whether you’re making a simple box or a kitchen full of cabinets. So knowing how to choose and install the right hardware for every application is an essential skill.

Every Woodworker’s Comprehensive Resource

BK 503 The Hardware Handbook

Price: $17.50

Here’s a quick list of the major categories:

  • Hinges of every kind
  • Technology hardware
  • Nails and screws
  • Catches, latches, and locks
  • Table, chair, and leg hardware
  • Assembly, knockdown, and mounting hardware
  • Lid supports and stays
  • Knobs, handles, and pulls
  • Glass and panel hardware
  • Shelf standards and supports
  • Bed hardware
  • Drawer slides.

If it’s not here, you probably don’t need it.

But the information isn’t merely wide; you’ll also you’ll discover step-by-step installation sequences—rich with close-up photos—that guide you to success.

About this digital book

It’s never been easier to have precisely the information you need. Pop this disc into your computer—PC or Mac—to enjoy the look of a traditional book on your monitor. It’s powered by Adobe Acrobat software (we included a free copy in case you don’t already have it).

Consult the lavishly illustrated Table of Contents, or harness Acrobat’s powerful search function by simply entering a keyword or phrase. Print out just the pages you need, and take them into the shop with you.

More than 225 pages; over 600 high-resolution photos; more than 30 razor-sharp illustrations. Each digital book page is optimized to print on ordinary 8 ½- x 11-inch paper.

Bob Settich is a seasoned woodworker and author who has written five books and hundreds of articles for woodworking magazines including Fine Woodworking, Wood, Shop Notes, Workbench, and Woodcraft. He has also produced videos on cabinetmaking,  plane making and restoration, and finishing.

(This PDF eBook will be burned onto a DVD disc and packaged inside a protective case.) 

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