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Unlock the Mysteries of Chain Carving and Make the Lock Too

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The old-fashioned way of carving a lock demands a lot of skill, patience, and time. Our new method gives you links that are separated before you even pick up a knife. The full-size plan includes step-by-step illustrations and templates to make chains from stock 1 1/2” square or 1 3/4” square. In addition, you get plans for a wood mystery lock that works without a keyhole or other external clues. The lock is 8” high, 4 1/2” wide, and 1 3/4” thick. With every plan, we’ll include eight small axle pegs, two large axle pegs, and a marble. (As you’ll discover, the marble is part of the lock’s internal mechanism.)

LC  232   Lock & Chain: plan and components

Price: $11.00