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Mazes Keep You From Losing Your Marbles

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Guiding a marble through a maze doesn’t sound difficult—unless you can’t see the marble. And you can’t see the maze either because our designs are sandwiched between two pieces of solid wood. Once you put the marble into the entry hole, all you know is that it’s in there somewhere.

We even show you how to make multi-level mazes that are devilishly difficult to solve.

These mazes make great gifts. Make easy mazes for your friends; for people you don’t like, give an extra-tough maze to drive them crazy.

Small Mazes are six designs 3 3/4 x 4 7/8” The six Large Mazes are 6 x 7 1/8”. Both plans include easy step-by-step directions.

MZ 236   Small and Large Mazes: plan only

Price: $10.00