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Renovate Wood and Transitional Planes

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Here’s how to turn a vintage plane from a paperweight into a tool that performs like a heavyweight. Erase years of crust and dust, making a tool that looks better than new and slices wispy see-through shavings.

DP 307 Renovate Wood and Transitional Planes

Price: $27.00

This 80-minute video shows you all of the secrets in renovating wood-bodied and transitional hand planes (wood sole with metal mechanism). You’ll see how to renew all of the metal and wood parts, then flawlessly fit them to each other.

And as you learn about your plane—literally from the inside out—you’ll discover how to fine-tune the adjustments to achieve absolutely peak performance. Breathing new life into an old plane gives you the knowledge to correctly use the woodworker’s essential tool.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Choose a plane that’s worth renovating, and avoid troublesome clunkers.
  • Remove rust, refinish japanned parts, and polish brass to a mirror shine.
  • Achieve the highly desirable small throat opening that virtually banishes tear-out.
  • Renovate wood parts, inlay a throat patch, and even build a replacement body.
  • Sharpen, test, and fine-tune your plane to produce whisper-thin shavings.

    As you’ll see, the procedures aren’t difficult, and involve only inexpensive materials and ordinary shop tools. As you watch this video, you’ll discover all the tips and tricks that virtually guarantee your success. Better craftsmanship is your reward.

    Bonus Material
    The disc also features an extensive collection of bonus material in PDF format. View or print an exploded view of a typical plane with parts identification, a full list of renovation materials, a chart of standard plane specifications, detailed drawings for replacement bodies, a wood hardness chart, and more.

    Video Overview

    Make A Plane Body From A Log With The Carter Log Mill

    Shape A Plane Body With The Carter Stabilizer

    How To Sharpen a Plane Iron or Chisel