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Correction effective February 27, 2014 about the E-Book: Build an Arts & Crafts Dining Chair

There was an error concerning the size of the optional Arm, Part M. This shows up only in eBooks produced prior to February 27, 2014. To see if your disc has this error, refer to the unnumbered publication information page (immediately after the title page). Check if the last lines state: First Edition / First Printing. Corrected discs state: First Revised Edition and the printing number.

Original full-size plan sheets also reflect the error. In the title area of corrected plan sheet is the notation: Revised February 27, 2014.

In the Cut List on Page 2 of the book, the correct width of the optional arm, Part M, should be 3 1/4″

Refer to the corrected drawing at left instead of the illustration on page 59 of the book or the original version of the plan sheet. You can download this drawing in JPG format by clicking image on left or here.